The latest from Sharpham

The season is well and truly under way at Sharpham, and despite the late frosts we are very excited about this season and what the harvest will bring.

The winery is a hive of activity with blending, bottling and filtering taking place in preparation for our annual big bottling week which is almost upon us!

6,500 litres of Sparkling and 27,500 litres of still whites will soon be filling 45,000 bottles of wine which will go into our stores. The wine has been ageing and maturing whilst vital preparations are put in place to start bottling.

Here’s a quick clip from our Instagram account Sharpham wine and cheese

We have some wonderful newly released wines available for this year including our fantastic Sparkling Blanc 2014, which is tasting superb, as well as our 2016 Whole Berry Rosé – perfect for Summer days in the garden which is already selling fast.

News from the Cheese Dairy:

We very pleased to announce that our Sharpham cheeses had success at the Devon County show, The British Cheese Awards and The Taste of the West Awards!

In the strongest showing for many years the Cheeses were awarded Two Trophies (Best Soft Cheese and Best Dinner Party cheese) as well as three firsts, two seconds and two thirds!

Here’s one of the trophies proudly on display in our shop: Cheese award

At the British Cheese Awards we gained two silvers and two bronze awards and at the Taste of the West awards the cheese gained three golds and two silvers with two cheeses (Sharpham Soft and Sharpham Cremet) progressing forward to the Championship judging later in the year.

Head Cheesemaker Debbie Mumford said ‘It has been well worth keeping some cheeses back and maturing them on so that they are in perfect condition for the judges to taste’

News from the Vineyard:

Pinot Noir Planting 2017 at Sharpham Vineyard

We haven’t seen much of our Vineyard Manager Peter Sudworth this spring as he has been very busy with a £10,000 project establishing more Pinot Noir vines! Yes, our vineyard is growing with more vines.

We’re increasing our Pinot Noir vines as it’s revered as a variety that is well suited to the warming UK climate. It has been grown here at Sharpham since the original plantings in 1981 and continues to do well. Two of our red wines are currently 100% Pinot Noir varietals, so watch this space for more reds and blended wines from us!