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Knowing how to connect with an audience takes more than just technical know how. We can see how best to tell a story and engage your audience. Our vision will help you get a better return on your investment.

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We know that bringing ideas to life means understanding the techniques and technology needed to bring a project to life. Clients and partners use our creative and technical expertise and our equipment to realise their vision.

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The Media Workshop is an arts collective. We make art and help others to make it too. Our art background underpins everything we do. Whether it’s video production or software development.

Video Production

We specialise in professional video production services that benefit from our artistic background, production capacity and understanding of visual storytelling. We produce branded content and product videos to a high technical specification. If you need video for social media we’ll find the most creative and engaging way to tell your story and work with you to optimise and activate the content so it hits home with your audience
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Video Projection

Projection projects come in all shapes and sizes and as a seasoned video projection company we are used to facing the unique challenges each location presents. If you need an outdoor projection for your event or would like to incorporate projection mapping to a creative project or performance The Media Workshop can help you plan and successfully embed video into your event …read more

Theatre and Live Events

Live theatre projects are always exciting for us to get involved in. Incorporating video as part of a live performance offers interesting and fun creative challenges and we enjoy collaborating with production companies to realise their creative vision. We understand that creating video for theatre poses lots of creative and logistical challenges. But that’s okay, we can solve them together …read more

Interactive Installations

The Media Workshop creates interactive installations for museum exhibit design and we exhibit our own interactive work. We like to investigate how video and the physical space and context of exhibition combine in immersive and interactive audience experiences. We take our artistic insights and apply them to the work we do with exhibitors incorporating video and interactive installations into corporate exhibitions and museums …read more